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“Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.”

― Carl Gustav Jung




My name is Maxim Ilyashenko (MA Psy) and I provide therapy once or twice weekly in my private practice In London, Shoreditch (including online) as a Jungian psychotherapist (Analytical psychologist). Also I work as a couple therapist and  a group facilitator (Process work/Worldwork/Conflict resolution).

As a Jungian psychotherapist, I follow the psychodynamic approach that emphasises systematic study of the psychological forces that underlie human behaviour, feelings, dreams, fantasies and emotions, and how they might relate to early experience. Besides, it is based on  the recognition that our psyche can self-regulate if the following conditions are met:

- a clear, safe and confidential therapeutic setting 

- the presence of an empathetic person 


As a therapist, I provide time and space in my therapy room where a person can safely share and reflect on their experience.

I am quite experienced in working with clients online. In case of online therapy (I prefer Zoom, but Skype is possible).


I am not able to provide an emergency care, in that case you should go to A&E, contact your GP or another relevant service. 

The Analytical Psychology was founded by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung who emphasised that psychological development occurs through relationship/relatedness. The creativity, intelligence of dreams and the  healing power of imagination are recognised, with particular attention drawn to the inter-active connection between unconscious and conscious processes.

I distinguish imagination as a spontaneous process of engagement with a free flow of images, thoughts or even emotions and bodily sensations from a fantasy as wishful thinking.  In other words, when someone is truly engaged with their imagination, one gets what needed, but not what expected or wished for.  Therapy is able to provide a safe enough container for understanding and further integration. 

According to the Statement of Psychodynamic Ethics of the UKCP Council of Psychoanalysis and Jungian analysis, "psychoanalytic work is based on the recognition that not all our thoughts, feelings and motives for our actions are transparent to ourselves, and that the unconscious aspects of our minds can disrupt our conscious intentions and contribute to subjective suffering. Analytic psychotherapists would therefore endeavor to pay close attention to the emergence of unconscious processes and attempt to help their clients to consider those unacknowledged aspects of themselves and possibly find a new attitude in relation to them. This process, which is not necessarily directly aimed at the elimination of symptoms, may help to considerably reduce conflict and personal suffering. Given the divided nature of the mind, however, the therapeutic process may not always be in line with the conscious intentions, or indeed the moral commitments, of the person engaging in this type of work. Equally, the effects of the therapeutic process and their outcomes cannot be predicted in advance by either the client or the therapist".

As a member of UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), CAP (Confederation of Analytical psychologists, UK) EAP (European Association of Psychotherapy) and General Hypnotherapy register (as a hypnotherapist) I follow their Ethical guidelines and the Complaints procedure.

My personal and professional experience also includes MA in Psychology, several trainings and personal analysis as a Jungian psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and EMDR practitioner, Authentic movement workshops (2005-2009), Grof Transpersonal Training as Holotropic breathwork facilitator (2011-12) and Vipassana Meditation and Sufi retreats, Diploma in transpersonal training "Couples in search of souls" and supervision with Re-Vision (UK, UKCP).


I speak fluently English, French, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

We can discuss your fee when we meet for an initial consultation.

Also I offer supervisions as a supervisor (Certificate in supervision Re-Vision, UKCP)

I work with private insurance companies Aviva, AXA, Vitality, Cygna and others. 


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